Our Journey

Years of intensive industry research, product testing and market feedback showed that there was no full-service cloud platforms for Property Managers, Tenants and Landlords to make the letting process easier like MyMoovz now does.

Millions of Australians moving home each year can easily complete all their forms and connect their power and internet in one place - our place - MyMoovz.

And that's just the start.

In addition to connecting their utilities, they receive outstanding offers from local service providers to welcome them to the neighbourhood. All transactions from the comfort of their mobile phone. Easy, for everyone.

And we are only just hitting our stride.

With new advertisers requesting to join regularly Tenants are in a great position. Property Managers and Landlords are enjoying more positive relationships with their Tenants.

All that difficult work for my niece, on top of the stress of moving her family now looks like child's play.

With research under our belt for the rest of the world, we are excited and energised about the road ahead and welcome you to join us on the next stage of Our Journey.

Our Management Team

Michael Hawkins

Chief Executive Officer

SaaS sales and management – 17 years 
Founded outdoor advertising agency in 2008
35 years of starting businesses across multiple sectors

Kevin Flynn

Chief Operating Officer

CEO and COO Technology Company (SaaS products) – 10 years 
11 years of Technology Devolpment Management – Finance
30 years IT Development: HR, Insurance, Finance & Gov’t

When we take a break from delivering “easier moving for everyone” Kevin is off kayaking and Michael is practicing Tai Chi, or we are immersed in conversations about cricket.


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